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Hi there, and welcome to my profile!
My name's Ally, I'm a maned wolf furry. I've had this love of furries (both furry characters, and those who are furries) for some time now, but I didn't really consider myself one until 2014. I've been pretty shy about being active in the fandom, but I've gradually started becoming a bit more active in the community, and so far it's been alright! ^.^

So... I'm not entirely sure what to put now so I'm just gonna list some shit that'd be good to know!
Some of my favorite video games include Pokemon, Lollipop Chainsaw, Animal Crossing, Yoshi's Wooly World, and my all-time favorite game series, Sly Cooper.
I'm a lesbian, if that matters. :p
I'm also an anime fan, three of my favorite anime would be Soul Eater, Hyper Police, and Sailor Moon.
So... Not much else I can think to put here.
If you'd like to talk, don't be shy! :)
Have a nice day, you fuzzy creatures!

My avatar was drawn by me. ^.^
Oct 5, 1999 (Age: 22)
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Maned wolf


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