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  1. MadAssistant

    Weird NSFW Request?

    Thank you, that would be wonderful!!! I did already get an offer via DM, so you might end up being the second one to do it? But I'd be more than happy to get two different interpretations of this!
  2. MadAssistant

    Weird NSFW Request?

    Still looking for anyone who might be willing to do this! I'd be very grateful, and so would everyone who wouldn't have to see me make this request all the time :p
  3. MadAssistant

    Various types of art for free, design, illustration, writing

    Hi! I have a bit of an unusual NSFW request, if you'd be willing to consider it? I'd love to have a picture of this character touching herself with her tentacle: ??? on Toyhouse Thank you for the opportunity, and best of luck filling out your gallery! <3
  4. MadAssistant

    Free Art: Free adoptables 5/10

    Thank you! <3
  5. MadAssistant

    Free Art: Free adoptables 5/10

    What a cute new batch!!! I'd love the yellow, leaf-headed bat please! <3
  6. MadAssistant

    Iron Artist Challenge

    Here's my black and pink gore-ish girl Etta, if she catches your eye? SFW or not, either way would be fine. You can contact me through my FA. Thank you for the opportunity, and best of luck with the challenge!!!
  7. MadAssistant

    Free requests

    Weird request, but I'd love to see her touching herself with her tentacle (in a NSFW way). Thank you for the chance!!!
  8. MadAssistant

    Weird NSFW Request?

    Lmao same, I was so happy when I grabbed her!
  9. MadAssistant

    Weird NSFW Request?

    So. I have this character: And I'd love art of her (non-penetratingly) fingering herself with her tentacle? Um. So I'd love if someone was willing to do that for me, please. I'm 25. Obviously, don't do this if you're under 18. Also, I know her collarbone area sort of looks like a face, but...
  10. MadAssistant

    Give a different Fursona to the person above you

    World's fastest sloth
  11. MadAssistant

    Free Art: Free adoptables 5/10

    I don't think I said it before, so thank you for the NB catterfly! I love them <3
  12. MadAssistant

    Free Art: Free adoptables 5/10

    I've decided I do want the NB one, please! They'll be friends with Phineas <3
  13. MadAssistant

    Free Art: Free adoptables 5/10

    I love the pride theme! I might come back for the enby one, haven't decided yet.
  14. MadAssistant

    {NSFW} Raffle

    Forum Name: MadAssistant Furaffinity Username: MadAssistant Age: 25 Thanks for the chance!!!