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Maelstrom Eyre

I grew up loving stories and art that involved animal characters that could speak, or walk upright or wear clothing. The toys I played with were mostly animal figures of some sort, or plush toys. My imagination revolved around them, I created stories of my own, I drew pictures of characters from existing stories based on what I thought they'd be if they were an animal instead. But, in all that time, I never knew there was a "word" for it, and family and friends eventually started telling me that I needed to stop watching cartoons and playing with toys and "grow up." I never really did, though. I heard about "furries" when I was in my twenties but, like so many people, I only heard the negatives and was led to believe it was only a sex fetish, and not something I was interested in. I'd heard of things like Omaha the Cat Dancer, and later happened upon the Sabrina online comic, and was like "wait. . .there are adults out there who like stories about walking, talking animals?" Eventually, I joined Second Life and began to explore the furry world a bit more. Some of it was what I'd originally heard about through media, but I also "met" many avatars through a sim roleplay for anthro characters, and I was hooked. I created a character who has since evolved into my fursona, Maelstrom. . .a race of aquatic wolves called the Ahmoua-Wolf. They resemble mermaids, wit the lower half in the form of an orca/killer whale and the torso, head and arms being that of an anthro wolf. So that is my "furry bio." I still keep it to myself mostly, it is my "second life" and I do not attend cons or fursuit or anything else, but it is nice to finally realize I am not just a weird woman who likes "cartoon animals."

Horses, hiking, outdoors, various music styles
United States
Fur Affinity Page
Ahmoua Wolf (wolf - orca/killer whale)
Corporate switchboard operator.


Regardless of what other people say,
My tendency to overreact and lose all perspective
Makes me a theatrically interesting person.​


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