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  • Whenever I see that cute Avatar of yours pop up I can't help but imagine you going "Oh, hi there!" and just randomly boops.
    Heya, I happened to stumble over your post in the "furry as a side hobby"-thread and felt like needing to say that you, miss "isn't interested in video games, doesn't fit in and is a minority" are highly appreciated! As are basically all the posts you write in this forum.
    Greets, a person from another but similar minority

    P.S. I noticed I don't follow you, how could that even happen!? Changed that.
    -Explodes from a giant floofball onto your profile!- \0/ Hejhej! Really do like your sona! Never would of figured an orca and a wolf would work so well! Anyhoo~ Nice to make your acquaintance~ Have a lovely day!
    I keep seeing you mention this awesome sounding RP hub on Second Life. How does one who is interested in scouting it out go about it? And where could I find more information on it? :) Hope I am not pestering you ^^
    Hey, the link to your FurAffinity profile on your Information page doesn't work. I Tried it without underscore and it worked. Just to let you know. :3
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