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    What animals best fit this description/my personality?

    Mammals: Wolverine, clouded leopard, red panda, corsac fox or tibetan fox, siberian tiger. Avian-wise maybe a snowy owl.
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    Members by Species

    Username: Maevia Species: Puma concolor cougar (North American Cougar) Category Feline
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    How did you come up with your furry name?

    Weirdly enough I picked my name before I picked an animal for my fursona. I wanted a good alias that was simple, sounding like an actual name, that would befit which ever animal I picked - and still fit my fursona if I ever decided to change animals. I also didn't want to take a name already...
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    Cliché furries

    More power to you. Clichés are clichés for a reason, maybe I'm just jelly because I love huskies and wants some lovin' too (how do you think I realised the ridiculous amounts of gayskies? :mrgreen: *whistles innocently*)
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    Cliché furries

    I think it's hard to say "Canines" as a whole because they're so varied but definitely certain types of canines - Foxes, Wolves, German Shepherds, Huskies, Labs, mutts and crosses/hybrids thereof are rather cliché. But it kind of makes sense that so many people would feel drawn/connected to...
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    I'll refrain from making puns...

    Thanks everyone! It's hard for me to gauge because I have been bilingual since toddlerhood so I'm generally good with languages. Plus I had Latin and Spanish in school. I did a bit of Romanian before going there for a winter and picked it up quickly. I will say that German and Hungarian are...
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    I'll refrain from making puns...

    Hi! You can call me Maevia. I've been a longtime lurker to the fandom, and recently decided to join FA and the FAF thereafter, once I had my fursona figured out. Hobbies include horseback riding, dogs, outdoorsy stuff, vidja games (mostly PS3 and Nintendo 3Ds), writing, tv & film. More...