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  • It's a standard twin, but my feet hang off of it, plus there's not much room for sharing. :( Wow. I just checked, and I can touch all 4 walls at the same time when lying in bed!
    Ah, so you're only out of the closet during the day. :V How does one use a bed as a closet? My bedroom's about the size of one, with literally just enough room for a twin bed and a nightstand. And it's a 1-bedroom apartment unchanged since 1921, so I don't know what kind of tiny people built this place... Anyway, -climbs into his tiny bed-
    I had a good day. I even walked home the 3 miles from my night class, which is a sure sign of me having a good day. But now my bed is saying something like "shmeeeep." (It could be "sleeeep", but it's a bed. It can't enunciate.)
    At your current altitude? And voice work o.o. Do you have a link? I'm weird I've a thing for voice actors and such >w<
    Recording of what? You singing or talking or what? And yeah it's nice to actually have warm weather for a change. I'm really hideously thin, can't gain weight, so the cold seeps into my bones and it sucks.
    Heh, that would kind of ruin things a bit if you were always prepared XD. I spent a lot of time reading most the 4e D&D books...still haven't even remotely played it. C'est la vie, I suppose.
    So, I'm' an idiot and never responded to you, wow way to go Yago. *sigh* Yeah, I can imagine. Jokes tend to wear out fast.
    Wit always makes things more fun. And running it was always my problem, I'm the only one I know capable of being the DM or w/e, but I don't want to fill that role.
    Heh, everyone but me seems to play a tabletop game. I'd like to do D&D but have never had a group. And that actually sounds pretty interesting.
    I always enjoy the fantasy genre so magic's always fun. World of Darkness sounds familiar but I can't think of why, I don't' know what it is.
    Yeah I'd heard it's like the classic spelling or such. I've a few people who are vaguely into magic(k) and tarot cards and a bunch of odd things. And I get why the spelling, but why the word in the first place?
    Heh, thanks! Yago's stolen from Summoner: A Goddess Reborn. I like the name but not the character it was attached to. Xiten came about by randomly typing letters and deleting the ones I disliked until I got something that fit. I like how you spell your name, for the record. The k's always cool at the end of magic. I like k's.
    I'm always Yago, on everything everywhere I go. So I don't think mine will ever change, heh. Though it is apparently a common name in Brazil or something, so occasionally it's taken and I go by my 'proper' name, Yago Xiten.
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