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  • Energy drinks eh? I was a soda addict but I kicked that 4 weeks ago. I feel a lot better without it, after the 3 day withdrawal, of course.... I imagine it'd be the same giving up energy drinks. o:
    I'm trying to lose it. I dropped soda, I've been outside all the time, eating better, my body just doesn't want to lose it. :x

    Being toned would be good. Go for it, definitely.
    I've been trying to because I want to lose all this weight. I've lived life fat and I've had enough. I just can't walk near certain areas. :c
    I don't mind most of the people around here, it's homely, but it feels kind of dangerous to go for walks around here.
    I gotta give you credit, you put up with it more than I have to, being near the shore and all. I'm like 45 minutes from any shore and the most we have is just what you'd except in a small town.
    I despise all of 'em. You can hardly tell who's who if you know any because they all look the same and have the same accent. I don't live near the shore, but the amount of the cast of Jersey Shore sightings around nearby malls is somewhat appalling.
    Eh, it goes back from bear to croc/alligator! It's cool seeing other people from NJ around here though.
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