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  1. Magikian

    Finishing up my Cl4p-tp cosplay and I need a suggestion

    Honestly, I don't know why you'd do a terrible character like the Claptrap, you'd have to be the first person I know who doesn't think that they're an annoying addition to the game.
  2. Magikian

    If you could meet and hang out with 3 CARTOON ANIMALS, who would you choose?

    Naked Snake, Solid Snake and Revolver Ocelot they're all animals shut up
  3. Magikian

    Chuck Norris or Mr.T

    Big fuckin' Boss, that's who.
  4. Magikian

    Do the majority of people who know you are a furry irl even care you are one?

    They are the edgiest man, they don't even like women! How edgy is that?
  5. Magikian

    Do the majority of people who know you are a furry irl even care you are one?

    This poll is terrible, there isn't a 'Does it fucking matter?' option.
  6. Magikian

    Greetings !

    There's a knit of friends, but its rather invite only. And you're not invited.
  7. Magikian

    Ello Lovelies~

    I'm sure they are, I just don't have the patience to look through it, myself. I got other people who do that for me. >.>
  8. Magikian

    Ello Lovelies~

    I actually found some quality pictures on DA, but that was of course back in my weeaboo days, and now I don't touch that place with a 10 foot pole. Mainly because of the stigma it carries.
  9. Magikian

    Ello Lovelies~

    You're here for art or literature? Better turn back, there's aloooooot of crap to wade through. Just sayin'.
  10. Magikian

    Plea for help

    Another one? I thought these people stopped.
  11. Magikian

    Your opinion on furry 'slang' ?

    Holding two pistols. UPSIDE FUCKING DOWN. Not to mention it's some seriously weeaboo shit.
  12. Magikian

    Oh shit! The Twillight!

    You and me both, Mr. Intinerant.
  13. Magikian

    Your opinion on furry 'slang' ?

    o bb Your sig makes me cringe something severe.
  14. Magikian

    Any teenage furries?

  15. Magikian

    Any teenage furries?

    Haha, enjoy not being able to buy alcohol.