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    Want to DM (and possibly join our Skype D&D group)?

    It seems my sarcasm made you defensive...
  2. Maisuki

    Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO free to play & other Q & A

    Still not touching it with a ten-foot-pole when it goes F2P.
  3. Maisuki

    Want to DM (and possibly join our Skype D&D group)?

    Am I the only one scared by the thought of D&D with furries?
  4. Maisuki

    What genre could Bioware's next title be?

    shit.. it thought it said bethesda for a second... i need sleep
  5. Maisuki

    Tf2 Spy fox reskin

    Some of us actually want nice things. Uh... How about no.
  6. Maisuki

    The Secret World

    I'd check it out, but I'm already paying for TERA. There's no way in hell that I'm paying for more tab-target bullshit.
  7. Maisuki

    Minecraft 360 Pixel art

    Implying you need good hardware to run MC.
  8. Maisuki

    Minecraft 360 Pixel art

    ITT: minecraft is now hipster material, despite being mainstream, and minecraft legitimately being played on the 360. Excuse me while I point and laugh.
  9. Maisuki

    Two Best Friends Play Season 5 Premiere: Lollipop Chainsaw

    They do full LPs? I've only seen excerpts and such from their recording.
  10. Maisuki

    Alienware. Overpriced?

    Alienware is good. As good as any other hardware. HOWEVER, when I'm seeing the exact same system being sold on the Dell main site for at least $300 less than the "Alienware" version, I find it hard to believe that people wouldn't consider Aleinware (dell + disco lights) overpriced. ITT: paying...
  11. Maisuki

    Is the Video Game Industry broken?

    No fucking shit?
  12. Maisuki

    Is the Video Game Industry broken?

    This is where the problem arises. The problem lies in corrupt producers such as Activision and EA who seem to fail to understand how sales and development are related. Producers will use, per se, a developer to the point where they simply cannot produce a quality product. Producers fail to...
  13. Maisuki


    ... It might be a good idea to link people to a more... informative source, and not only the download.
  14. Maisuki

    I Just...Don't Like Anything

    I think you missed the part where he's been saying this the entire time.
  15. Maisuki

    Switching my major to IT - advice?

    The unfortunate truth. Feels bad, man.