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    Hiring: ($35+) CLOSED, keeping up for future reference

    Heyo! I’ve got a symmetrical sketch ref slot open if you’d be interested in that! https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/open-for-a-symmetrical-ref-slot-17.1675314/
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    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Open for a symmetrical ref slot! ($17)

    (sorry if the formatting’s a bit off, I’m on mobile) Heyo! I’m opening for a symmetrical sketch ref as there’s a 3D sculpt app that I’d like to buy! Ref sheet will look like this one, and comes with a front view and either a back view or an outfit! (plus the headshot and a few closeups of stuff...
  3. mangomango

    Free Art: Doing a few art freebies!

    Heyo! I figured I'd do a few art freebies! These will probably vary in complexity depending on what I feel up to doing and if I find a character I really like! (I will most likely not be going in order and most likely won't get to everyone!) You can see some examples of my art here! But if you...
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    Free Art: Looking to line and color some sketches!

    The title’s pretty self explanatory! If anyone has unfinished sketches that they don’t know what to do with I can line, color, and shade them for you!! Example below! (Original sketch by @/PawffeeBeans on Twitter) I'll be taking a few!! Make sure to drop your ref sheet below if the sketch is...
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    Free Art: Comic pages! For up to ten pages. Kind of a raffle?

    Woah, your art's awesome!! I have a fair amount of characters and multiple short plot / interaction ideas I could use for them! If any characters catch your eye in particular let me know and I can explain about them!! https://toyhou.se/sabercheetah/characters/folder:1900012 As for setting of...
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    Happy valentines day free sketch!!!!

    Thank you so much! He turned out so cute!
  7. mangomango

    Happy valentines day free sketch!!!!

    Happy Valentines Day! Feel free to try anyone here! https://toyhou.se/sabercheetah/characters/folder:1900007
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    Trans Rights Are Human Rights

    I don't believe there's enough of a difference to continue using one term over the other despite objections of many of the users on here. They're similar enough to substitute.
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    Trans Rights Are Human Rights

    I feel like a suitable synonym could be something like "being transgender" or just refer to gender identity, "trans people" could also fit in some of the situations. Also something like "the trans community" For example, instead of something like "Transgenderism is...", you could say "Being...
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    Trans Rights Are Human Rights

    I'm sure this has already been said so I'll keep it pretty brief. A few things: 1. It's not really censorship, it's asking to refrain from using certain words or use a synonym in place of them. 2. Just because language may seem neutral or accurate to you doesn't mean that others are okay with...
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    Last movie you watched!

    It's definitely been a while since I watched any movies. I do believe that the last one I watched was around Christmas time, called "The Year without Santa Claus". It wasn't particularly good, but the Snow Miser Heat Miser song was very catchy.
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    Any other aro / ace furs out there?

    Nice! I think it's greyromantic or greyaro, like greyace. There's a whole bunch of labels and flags on the spectrum :3 I think these are the grey aro and ace flags?
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    Alternative species

    My fursona is a cheetah-snake hybrid, so if I had to choose an alternative species I would probably go with just full snake. That or a coyote/deer.
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    Any other aro / ace furs out there?

    Figured I'd make a thread just seeing how many of us are out there! I haven't seen too many aromantic or asexual people in total (I've seen more ace people than aro) and even fewer furs. So, if you're aro or ace or just feel like dropping by to ask questions feel free to comment!