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Hello, I'm Griffin, I'm a 22 year old big bearish guy. I am polyamorous but I'm still always looking for new friends online. I'm learning to be a model member of the tribal leather guard. I work part-time and enjoy creating art hoping to even start selling commissions and tee shirts I design.

I'm training to become a master and I'm well on my way as I'm very mature for my age. I am a dominating switch and enjoy all kinds of role-playing, I enjoy a few submissive rolls too. I'm 6 foot 2 tall, big and hairy nearly 310 pounds but it's not all fat.

I like guys, that's about it. I only like guys I connect with but I am open to meeting anyone I know a real connection is rare and you never know where you'll find it. So don't be shy. I do like older men and fatter ones. There are no serious preferences though.

I have an interest in so many different kinks and fetishes! I love learning new ones. A list of limits would be shorter so here you go; no women, no snuff, no heavy drug, no unsafe sex, nothing illegal.

You can find me on other sites too

Manly-in-training on Tumblr

Manly-in-Training on grommer

Manly_in_training on Instagram

manlyintraining on Twitter

My photos on this site and any I post links to are not for anyone else to use, enjoy but don't steal or repost
Jan 6, 1995 (Age: 26)
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