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  1. Maranda Cromwell

    Getting into adult art... Help!

    Thanks for the replies everyone. (Except you Draakc. I don't understand your motive for a post like that, lol.) I might try doing some more nudes as practice though! That's a great idea. At the very least it won't be too much of a weird departure from my usual fare. Thank you Ziggy, I'm glad...
  2. Maranda Cromwell

    Getting into adult art... Help!

    Hello friends! I'm a traditional artist specializing in animals and anthropomorphic characters. (My FA gallery is https://www.furaffinity.net/user/marandart/ to get an idea of the type of thing I make). It's not what you think of when you think of furry art, but a lot of furries enjoy my art...
  3. Maranda Cromwell

    Wanted to show some of my artwork :)

    I appreciate the lineless but still clean quality of your stuff!
  4. Maranda Cromwell

    What should I price my Art?

    Since you're doing digital, it definitely depends on the time spent doing it. Since I've been doing art for 10+ years and I have a degree, I tend to try and charge anywhere in the dollar-a-minute range (usually less), but I tend to work quickly. It also depends on what others are choosing to...
  5. Maranda Cromwell

    How do you gain traction?

    Really just frequency is what I've found works the best. Also, commenting on lots of others's works helps, too; it puts your profile and avatar on lots more screens. Make sure your avatar is not too small and has good artistic quality to draw folks in! That's how I browse, anyway, when I'm...
  6. Maranda Cromwell

    Furvana? (newbie artist alley questions)

    Hey all! New to the fandom, planning on going to my first con (Furvana in Ocean Shores, WA) at the end of this month. I'm an artist and am hoping to partake in the artist alley. I'm no stranger to vending-- I have many street fairs, art walks, and similar events under my belt-- but never...