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Recent content by Maria Harris

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    The Division

    Hi there, I like to play video games in my spare time. I have bought a new gaming PC with a good configuration. I have heard good reviews about The division from my friends and while searching online I came across to many gaming sites and one of them was Instant-Gaming. Any suggestions?
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    Need advice about girl problem

    If you are not interested then you can simply tell her.
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    Tell me about yourself

    I am mad for games.
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    What is the worst wrestling video game you ever played?

    I agree with you. WCW is worst one.
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    Best video game music?

    Prince of Persia.
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    Your favorite quotes!

    Love your life.:cool:
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    Hello friends!

    Hi everyone.:)
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    Any Furs still playing second life?

    I played it for 5 months.
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    Looking for girl gamers (or guys) to play with in Minecraft wii u edition

    Hey, I was also looking for someone who will join me on my steam account for playing Battlefield game. The battlefield is one of the best video game i like the most ever since my cousin suggested me to buy battlefield 1 from website of Instant-gaming.