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    Uh hi

    Welcome to the Forum, i do hope your stay is pleseant and i wish your experience is of your liking *Bows pulling out my hat* I'm not too familiar with Feminism, i tell you the truth, but i'm sure later on we can have some intereesting conversations, i'm looking forward to it. *warmly smiles*
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    Looking for RP partner (long or short tearm)

    okay, i'll add you when i leave the office ^^
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    Looking for RP partner (long or short tearm)

    How can i join? Discord? PM?
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    Marquis's GIFs and animation services shop - All to $5

    Hmmm looks like it wasn't succesful, seems it wasn't a good idea after all, anyways, this is the last Bump i give and i'll let it sink.
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    US To Start Targetting Legal Immigrants, too

    The US is getting worst and worst, i'm not surpriced that many countries dislike it. Sadly it has turn aganist it's people, is a shame because it used to be a great country and it's technology has helped human kind through the years, the world is in debt with US but unfortunately is getting...
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    I hate it when......

    I hate when people is talking behind you so obviously and yet they think clever enough thinking you didn't notice
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    I hate it when......

    I hate when something takes longer than expected... except with things i like
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    What grosses you out?

    Something that also grosses me out is the fucking haggis whoa... that's a poetic sweet verse in the definition of this space, okay you asked questions and i'll answer for you What is the sense of making such a post? I wanted to add a sense of sarcasm and explain my dislike to people holding...
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    What grosses you out?

    D: *uses Ocarina playing "song of healing"*
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    A Shadow in Human Form

    Whoa... well i can try help you, all the people i help end up being happy so PM if you want