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    How did you learn to draw furries?

    I "started" by drawing crude Star Fox fanart back in middle school. Then after a long hiatus I started "drawing" <cough> some characters I was writing stories about. It went from there. Its only been in the last couple of years that I started to (for better or for worse ;) ) take it seriously...
  2. Marsonaut

    Horrific fursuits (read OP)

    Looking through all these while listening to ominous music.... At first I laughed but now I feel a little unsettled... seriously.
  3. Marsonaut

    What got you into the furry fandom?

    I had a similar sort of experience... some fuzzy friends were the ones that gave me the nudge into the fandom. Before that I was drawing a mess Star Fox/Balto/scifi inspired stuff for fun while working on a novel of all things.
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    Personally, I don't think FA all that badly needs any 'upgrades' or new features, though I say that mostly because of experience with DA and (shudders) FB. Added features tend to snowball and make the site into a mess. Really, I just hope that Smelges fears aren't realized but... :/
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    Drawing and positive attitudes get you exposure - not complaints

    Definitely on point here, especially with the parts on "starting small" and "not complaining." Its important to be ambitious, but not to start out with something you fancy to be your magnum opus (which will fail and fail miserably). I made that mistake and it cost me a few years of progress. And...
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    How does anyone get exposure on FA?

    You need to put in a LOT more effort into filling up your portfolio. 6 submissions will never cut it even if your a Blotch level genius. So far your art looking okay, but one thing that sticks out is that your stuff doesn't seem all that expressive of character, even though you have a better...
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    Hi, I'm new (but you already knew that)

    Lol you remind me of me, cept you're smarter with tech (I'm something of a luddite ;) ). Anyhoo, welcome to FAF!
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    What Would You Do If You Met Your Fursona?

    Personally... I'd either run to the hills or nervously smile and say hi... and pray that he isn't in an anti-human mood. XD
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    Hey, new here, obviously.

    Hello! Fellow newb here!
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    Hello FAF!

    Heyo! I've been on FA for over a year now, and I guess you can say that I've technically been in the fandom for something on 6 years (since I set up an account to display my "art" on DA) and I've been meaning to get on FAF for quite some time. Honestly I haven't the slightest idea how this is...