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  1. Matthew Hollingsworth

    looking for a comic

    hi im trying to find a comic about a scientist bunny and a rollypolly creature that attaches to his crotch, anyone know what im talking about?
  2. Matthew Hollingsworth

    Radan Dubhach looking for artist

    for now im just want to know of people who would be willing to draw for me , then when i have the money i'll commision them i just know that a lot of artist would not be willing to draw the content stated
  3. Matthew Hollingsworth

    Radan Dubhach looking for artist

    hi id like to find artist to draw stuff for Radan Dubhach, a series of stories im having made about my skaven oc must be ok with:M/M, incest, bestiality, bondage, orgies, mind brake, and rape/non-con(no S&M, torture or mutilation or things of that short, just unwilling participants put in...
  4. Matthew Hollingsworth

    OC backstory writer: skaven

    looking for a writer for my OC's backstory, someone who is familiar with warhammer fantasy, specifically the skaven race and who's not too picky about fetishes
  5. Matthew Hollingsworth

    Writing commission (SFW / NSFW)

    ok ill try do i do that here? and i do have paypal
  6. Matthew Hollingsworth

    Writing commission (SFW / NSFW)

    hello i like it to hire you to write my OC backstory( it has heavy erotica) are you familiar with warhammer fantasy and what is chas app?