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  • yo matt dude aint talked in fo evrz dude drawing furart at school everyone loves it *is surprised* holla bak sometime i want to talk but we dont anymore
    Catholic Purist groups are the main problem here. With all their complaining about how 'Only God has the power to create life' and 'It's unnatural'. Oi Vey, if only they'd shut up and stop holding Humanity back. l=/
    Who knows? 50 years down the line, Cloning might actually be possible. They've already tested it on sheep and it works perfectly! =)
    Thx! ^^; You'd be flabbergasted at how well we work together. It's like living with a clone of myself! XD
    Just recently moved into a new house with my boyfriend and I'm so happy right now, I could shit rainbow-puking Unicorns! XD
    Dilldoughmcgee? I've seen you around there. Well, blow me and call me Neil Patrick Harris! How've you been? =D
    Hey, about what happened on the minecraft server, I just wanted to say I had nothing to do with the decision. I actually quite liked your house. But I'm sorry about the incident.
    It's what I do everywhere, helps give a good first impression, looks like it worked :)
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