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  • I don't have a site, no. Nor, unfortunately, do I have an appreciable body of work to display. I'm sure that anything else I do will end up here, though, so you'll see it.
    Well, ommmmmgggggg!!! It's gorgeous! I love the eye especially. Perfect gold! The colors are nice and moody and his tail's color sends me back to the forests of my youth.

    Thank you so much!! I hope it was fun. Can I upload this to my page? I'd of course give you credit. x3
    :3 Daw, don't you stress over it! I know how things get...you take your time and put your life first. I am always grateful for an artist letting a requester know they aren't forgotten.

    You rock <3
    Just be sure to drop into the TS every once in a while. :)
    Any chance I could upload a comic depicting your "dad" reading the forums on the toilet? (Nothing remotely NSFW). Just inspiration from your comment in the thread.
    All my life I've dreamt of being in someone's signature. Every time I saw someone's quote and name in someone else's signature I always though: "Damn, I wish I was lucky enough to get sig'd.". With my terrible songwriting and your appreciation of my talent, my dream has come true. I am whole, and it is all thanks to you.

    So thank you Maugryph. You've made me more happy about myself. Complete.

    And another thank you for being a good sport. People are so quick to getting defensive nowadays. I'm glad you could take a joke. :)
    *sneaks up on you before you can spray me with anti-hug spray and glomps you* You can't escape my huggies. >:3
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