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    Free art raffle on Instagram!

    ✨FREE ART CHANCE✨ for fully coloured and shaded art! I'M HOSTING a raffle on Insta! 5 more days left and there's only 10 entries! So get to it if you'd like to enter! :'3 Click here for info!
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    Free art raffle on Instagram!

    Details here: Thank you!
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    Looking for reference sheet

    Hey! I can do one like this for $40. Wings included, this guy just don't have them.
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    Looking for Snake/Anthro Commission (Budget ~$100+)

    I can help! www.furaffinity.net: Scorpion Lollipop by MausC www.furaffinity.net: Kurama by MausC (NSFW) www.furaffinity.net: Transformed Toxicofera Trio 3: Fishy Fertilization Fears by MausC $30 for a flatcolour drawing, $35 for cell shading, $40 for detailed shading.
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    (Nsfw) Want to design or adopt an anthro mare

    I could do a flat colour drawing for $30 :) Style: www.furaffinity.net: Scorpion Lollipop by MausC Horse: (NSFW) www.furaffinity.net: Pretty Horses up for Adoption! by MausC
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    Seeking the services of a Artist for a large reference sheet

    I could help. Here's a few relevant examples (NSFW): Price would depend on how many details you would like and what style, but for similar to how you linked but with a more detailed painted style, I could estimate $300 usd. www.furaffinity.net: It was you, wasn't it? by MausC...
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    Artist to do weird post tf art. [CLOSED]

    I'm interested! I think a cell shaded piece would work well for this, I would charge $35, or $45 for a more soft painted style. USD. Here's some relevant examples:
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    Looking to commission art for a story

    For the price I could do something similar to this for you! www.furaffinity.net: Wildness by MausC Or www.furaffinity.net: It was you, wasn't it? by MausC
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    Looking for two Character NSFW commission (~25$)

    Hey, I may be able to help you. Relevant samples: www.furaffinity.net: Smokey eye by MausC www.furaffinity.net: It was you, wasn't it? by MausC www.furaffinity.net: Dandilion by MausC (NSFW) www.furaffinity.net: Shy Fancy by MausC
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    Looking for NSFW Transformation Artists for Commercial Project

    I'm interested, sounds fun ✨ Some relevant samples: www.furaffinity.net: Please Come And Take A Seat by MausC Price would depend on the style you wpuwo like but all my prices are within that range (50-100).
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    LF anime human artists for NSFW art (Budget <$200)

    I'm interested! Here's a foot example (NSFW): www.furaffinity.net: CHARACTER DESIGN AUCTION- Coral The Sealapus - Over! by MausC Tickling: www.furaffinity.net: Seraphon Tickling Pokemanz by MausC anime: Full body cell shaded is $35 for one character, for two with a simple BG it would be...
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    Looking for a ref

    I can do one for $70- front, back, 2 face shots and some accessories included.
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    Looking to hire artist to make base

    Hey- I can help with this. For lineart for 1 feral, 1 anthro with 2 versions of each (gender) it would be $50, + $5 for each variation (hairstyles, horns, etc). Http://Instagr.am/maus0z
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    $20 Digital Badge!

    $20 USD. Includes a sketch approval and a high res digital copy. $30 USD for lamination and mailing!
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    $40: One commission slot open for digital full body shaded piece

    In this style: DM me on Insta if you are interested or pm me here! I can do multiple themes, NSFW, gore as well, anthro- check my insta page and my FA for examples.