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  • Hello again, Mayfurr - I tried to reach you at your email address care of furry.org.au, but I don't know if that address is current any longer?
    Hello again, MayFurr - I tried emailing you at your address on furry.org.au but I don't know if it went through, or if it's current?

    Felt you might enjoy the segment / video.
    hello the sir! i also come from an erehwon town in aotearoa that nobody cares about!

    seriously though if you're JAFA, me and/or my fur mates regularly hold meets.
    The duty falls upon me to invite you to become Prime Minister and to form a government in my name.
    Incase you're wondering, I'm down in wellington for the GKR tournament this weekend. If I see you around I'll give you a poke. :D
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