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  • I just have to say,
    Your avatar is really cute! The style it's drawn in just may be my inspiration for my next sketch! c:
    I did a double-take when a government official blamed the earthquake on angry spirits. I'm sure it had nothing to do with tectonic plates and faults.
    Earthquake? Never had one of those.

    I'm okay, I start moving out to an apartment today, fun
    Yeah, freaky cool weapons would be cool.

    Appearently pesilats where you are have some odd ways of holding karambits, we have up and down and the down extended grip.

    So how are things?
    It's really nothing to show, it's a kinda goofy super over dramatized version of silat, I'll go ahead and link the vid at the end though. His silat isn't bad, and he brings in different views with the karambit... But it's not much my style.

    That overdramatized vid tho

    He actually reached out to the people of silat in the us though, to come show us, so it'll be interesting to meet someone from a different background atleast.

    Yeah, send you a vid later

    I figured it was an obscure thing, but I was just curious if ya would
    Yeah appearently part of the weapons seminar is literally a tiny axe you hold in between your fingers or something.

    + keris, kerambit, whip, and knife
    Hey Mayo. I've never actually made a veggie burger before. I've heard it's pretty easy though. These might be a good place to start.
    You should go onto Skype... So we can do otter/fox things together.

    If you know what I mean. :V
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