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  • Hey. Just have to give you props for your avatar. Between the expression, jingle epaulettes, and ghost-hand with mistletoe it's just perf. :D
    Yeah, that bit. Its pretty awesome really, a phantom hand? Are you able to control it and use it to attack or is more of an odd aesthetic that you can't get rid of?
    Would you mind explaining the ethereal arm and sword coming out of the anthro's mouth from your profile picture? It's certainly interesting.
    Oooohhh, I thought it was water! I've seen weirder things in dreams, so that's nothing! ;) By the way, I love the profile picture!
    Okay, I can understand the potatoes (people ask for them TOOO MUCH!!) but why the water coming out of your avatar's mouth again? *scratches head*
    Hay dude. I wasn't trying to offend you. I just didn't understand the avatar and was going by the joke that didn't understand. sorry dude
    [notices big ass faf av.]
    Im impressed.
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