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  • Sweet, I do too! I'm not a British hound so no, foxes are my poofy friends who I use as pillows or feet warmers at times x3
    That's an awesome G-shep! They're so loyal and intelligent. And of course dude! ^^
    Ouch! Really? That's so strange, most goldies I've come in contact with are harmless and sweet! Well rest assured, I don't bite; you'll just get snugged ;)
    Then Able you shall be XD!!! You just reminded me of the ending of a Streetcar named Desire. I need to read more Tennessee Williams. Also, friend?
    Dear god it's the most grotesque and gorey game on the market and a 14 year old has access to it dkfkcjsbficjdjxkdkfk
    What is this world coming to?
    Lawl, didn't even catch your other text...
    "Deep in the heart of Texas,
    The prairie sky
    Is wide and high,"
    Nup, I'd already gotten it opened at that point. That pic captures me suspending the card in the resulting temporal warp.
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