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  1. Melkor

    Furries and Raving

    I haven't been to any..... Yet
  2. Melkor

    Tell me your problems and let me help

    I had a problem, but then reading what you would do to it made me forget
  3. Melkor

    Anyone gonna watch that Lion King Re-release?

    But you can do that anytime, this movie Is only going to be in theatres for a few weeks-- btw 3D is terrible IMO it hurts my eyes and the movies sort of hard to watch
  4. Melkor

    Do you find this shirt offensive?

    You're right it's fine... I think it's awesome too
  5. Melkor

    Sears, you fucked up.

    I think they took it off, it worked a second ago and now it says no products were found :c--- nvm nvm it has something to do with the mobile site I think
  6. Melkor

    Why wear a collar?

    I wear mine to my college classes, I don't really explain why I'm wearing it to strangers though
  7. Melkor

    What Are You Listening To?

    VNV nation and Bruderschaft
  8. Melkor


    I'm a little bit naive
  9. Melkor

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    WoW, more recently... Haven't touched my xbox in awhile lol
  10. Melkor

    What is your sexual orientation?

    Lol yeah, mine gets really frizzy after I shower and such.. And I think I'll go to sleep now
  11. Melkor

    What is your sexual orientation?

    I have to iron mine too, and my hair is thick and curly.. So I've probably got it alot worse than you too lol.. I am VERY envious of those with perfectly straight hair..
  12. Melkor

    What is your sexual orientation?

    I wouldn't think so.. No =homosexual, and I'm only recently sure about it
  13. Melkor

    Weird Things About You?

    Thats what I'm guessing.. But you'd think that if there were such feelings and senses, we would know about them by now, or have some sort of exclaimation for them... Maybe they do, and I'm just very uninformed like always.. . But I don't doubt it is some sort of instictive sense, or something :p
  14. Melkor

    ouch. =P

    If it is 'jammed', then I'm guessing all you can do is use it as little as possible and let it fix itself..I'm almost certain that's all that I did last time it happened to me... And try the ice thing, it sounds like a good idea
  15. Melkor

    Weird Things About You?

    No problem, and I know precisely what you mean.. Although I have no conclusion as to why and how this happens, I'm pretty sure I've had similiar experiences.