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    Mentova! I have a question for you since you'd be the one to know the answer to this question... I have an idea for a thread I'd like to start and I don't know what I should put it under. The idea of the thread is for people who are smoking and trying to quit smoking. I know it's a hard thing to do and I'm trying to do so myself (tried quitting cold turkey many times and never successfully achieved it) But, I'd like to start a thread for people who haven't started yet to post, current smokers who may or may not want to quit, and people who have successfully quit smoking so they can share thoughts and opinions regarding the topic of the thread. I think it would be a great thread so people can share their discussions, but I don't know which category of threads it should go under. Any advice on making the thread would be great too. But, my question is, "Where do I start this thread?" I think it would be a great thread to start so people can share their thoughts and opinions on the thread.
    Falls over! that's not what I am after dear just a friend I can kid with and
    wave a collar at.
    I'll have you know that this piece of low quality hardware was given to me at no expense, which is a valid reason to keep such a device, no matter how sub-standard it is! In order to establish a credible accusation, you must first gather the necessary facts in order to create a theory that can fit the current situation, for failure to do so will lead to embarrassments SUCH AS THE ONE YOU HAVE SET FOR YOURSELF RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT YOU INSUFFERABLE FIEND! >:V...
    aw yea bby
    but honestly?
    i desperately need to get laid irl. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A QUEER FRIENDLY COWBOY?
    ALL ass belongs to me. Just some in more than equal portions than others. Yours being at the top.
    Also---definitely an ass gal. So you'd better not be lying. Either way--spanking will happen.
    Also people are not gonna know what the hell to think when they follow this conversation back and forth. Pffft
    I bet five whole dollars. It's all I have.
    Worst case scenario I'm out five bucks and up a helluva night in the sack. Bwahaha
    Pfffhahaha. THE INFAMOUS CASTING COUCH. Shit, you probably couldn't even handle this. :U

    I wonder how many other people will catch the joke. Ha.
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