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  1. meowchi75

    What's Your Favorite Pokemon?

    Absol! I've always loved dark types.
  2. meowchi75

    Anyone out there learning a new language?

    I'm trying to learn French and I think I still have a loooong way to go. Reading is so much easier than listening to someone talk a different language.
  3. meowchi75

    How tall is your 'sona? Why?

    My 'sona is about 5"6
  4. meowchi75

    Is Manga Studio Debut 4 a good program for beginners?

    I want to learn how to create digital art, but most programs are out of my price range. (Abdobe Photoshop costs $80, which is too high for me) I heard that Manga Studio Debut 4 is a great program for beginners and I wanted to know if that is true or not. I find it the only program affordable for...
  5. meowchi75

    Fursona names?

    uh...uh...how about Cassie? I suck at names XD
  6. meowchi75

    Furry election 2012.

    I'm more leaning towards voting for Obama. I just feel that Romney doesn't really care much for the middle and lower classes as much as Obama...but either way, if Congress doesn't want to cooperate with the President who gets elected...
  7. meowchi75

    what does music do for you?

    It depends on the genre...most rap on the radio makes me aggressive, but tecno makes me hyper and dramatic and orchestra music helps me when I'm drawing or trying to focus on homework
  8. meowchi75

    Has anyone played Solatorobo:Red the Hunter?

    yeah, I loved the game and it's art, but I was hoping for a challenge in the game or something. I heard a rumor that they're making a sequel, but I don't think that it's gonna happen
  9. meowchi75

    Has anyone played Solatorobo:Red the Hunter?

    I just wanted to hear other's opinion on the game
  10. meowchi75

    Has anyone played Solatorobo:Red the Hunter?

    Has anyone heard of the game for the DS called Solatorobo?
  11. meowchi75

    Best video game music?

    Dawn of Mana. Hands down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5uROuguNzQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgBnCqtgSzM&feature=channel&list=UL