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    What do you wear in a heatwave?

    I live where it is over 100degrees almost the entire summer and some of spring and fall. I tend to wear dresses/ shorts and tank tops and flip flops/ just stay in the house. At work I am forced to wear socks and shoes and pants and a t-shirt and it is torture. You pretty much just have to...
  2. meowtacles

    Is fursuiting like blackface

    Well, she's got a point.
  3. meowtacles

    How old do you look?

    I guess I'm lucky, then. :3 haha
  4. meowtacles

    How tall are you?

  5. meowtacles

    Straight Furs?

    I'm straight.
  6. meowtacles

    How old do you look?

    I'm 23, but everyone at my work says I look like a teenager. Which is weird because people thought I looked like a MOM when I actually was a teen.
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    I will forever hold onto my dearly departed childhood with pokemon.
  8. meowtacles

    What scares you?

    Dead snakes, the dark, water I can't see through (murky, dark, or just deep is all scary), and heights.
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    Well, us female hyenas prefer being in charge instead of letting the guys be in charge.
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    What do you hate about the furry fandom?

    The people who claim we're one big happy family that accepts every single other furry no matter what.
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    How did you come up with your furry name?

    I got Halo from the song, not the game. It was what I happened to be listening to when I was signing up for second life and I had to choose a name.. XD
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    Members by Species

    Username: meowtacles Species: striped hyena Category: hyena
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    Furries and Raving

    I've always wanted to go to a rave. Never even thought about a furry rave though. I'm too shy around people, so I doubt i'd have fun. The only time someone was going to take me to a rave, was when my friend was going in the middle of the night. We'd have no way home, and she was going to be...
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    The Great Beyond

    Oh, my cousin made sure I saw that, don't worry. Just pregnant and I guess baby likes to make me puke. :P
  15. meowtacles

    The Great Beyond

    lol, it's my vomit medicine. i guess i don't HAVE to take them everyday, but I like to not puke everyday. :P just so i don't end up having to be in the hospital on fluids.