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  1. Mespeth

    Hiring: ($75+) NSFW Magazin cover (aproximately $75) (closed)

    >>Hi! I'm Mespeth and I like dramatic poses, I'm here to try to convince you with 3 images, let's see how it goes/ If you would like to work with me or are interested in more info send me a note! You can also visit my website at https://www.mespeth.com or take a look at my FA gallery...
  2. Mespeth

    Hiring: ($35+) Virtual Pet Site Artists

    Hi! I'm a registered freelancer with several years of experience. Here are some pieces of my portfolio with a similar artstyle of those pets depicted. Of course they don't match 100% but I'm very confident on my skill to mimic the example style. I would also be open to a work for hire test, if...
  3. Mespeth

    Hiring: ($150+) Artist needed for Telegram sticker pack

    Hi! If you are still looking I do quite a bunch of sticker packs! They are 12€ ($14) each and 1 in every 5 you buy is free~ Memes and nsfw are okay! Extra characters add 50% of price. For even more examples (I honestly have a lot) go to my FA Gallery: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/mespeth...
  4. Mespeth

    Hiring: ($150+) Fullbody throne piece for livestreams/branding (Commerical Rights appreciated)

    Hi Kura! If you haven't found an artist yet and would like to work together again, I'll show you some of my coolest recent pieces! Plus I can do contracts for commercial rights now that I'm registered as an official freelancer :)
  5. Mespeth

    Hiring: ($35+) Donkey Magician commission

    Not quite sure if you have found an artist yet, but feel free to look at my stuff to see if we would be a good match! Your commission idea surely is interesting! For my full gallery please refer to my FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/mespeth For prices, TOS and other important info to...
  6. Mespeth

    Hiring: Looking for a ref sheet of a male fatfur character

    Hi! I'm a freelance artist with several years of experience and one of my most popular products are ref sheets! For 3 views we would be starting at 155€ ($182), with posibble addons to be discussed. I'm very comfortable doing characters on the heavier side, while I don't have a lot of recent...
  7. Mespeth

    Hiring: ($150+) Feral Dinosaur/Dragon Art

    Oh my, your characters are gorgeous!! I'm a huge dino fan, so I would love to work with you in whatever you have in mind. You'll have to excuse me, as my dino/dragon art is a bit old and far in between, i don't get much opportunities to draw them. (From now on, more than two years old)...
  8. Mespeth

    Hiring: ($150+) Looking to get two discord profile banners [Closed]

    Hi! I'm Mespeth, a freelance artist with several years of experience; I would be interested in working with you if you haven't found anyone yet! I could do both for $100 (given that my flat color halfbodies are $54). Here are some examples of my art! You can see more examples of my art at...
  9. Mespeth

    Hiring: ($15+) Punk Bunny Looking to be Drawn!

    Hi! I'm, Mespeth, a freelance artist with several years of experience (and someone with a jackalope fursona, so I have some experience with buns haha). I think you and I would be a very good match! While I love to draw cute things from time to time, I have a punk beast inside who loves to be...
  10. Mespeth

    (Commission) Selling: ($150+) Looking to adopt or have a femboy fox made!

    Hi! I'm Mespeth, a freelance artist with several years of experience! Altho I don't have any readily available adopts at this moment, I've designed quite a few characters over the years and I would be interested in working with you to make the perfect character! Here are some examples of...
  11. Mespeth

    Hiring: ($50+) Dragon Artist

    Hi! I'm Mespeth, a freelance artist with several years of experience on my back! I mostly specialize in anthro drawings, but can totally do feral forms too and would love to expand my portfolio with some more examples of dragons. I'll show you some examples, I'm afraid my most recent ones are...
  12. Mespeth

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Pride icons YCH [9/10] 35€/$43!

    Here are my special YCH icons for Pride! I'm a freelance LGBT+ artist, so let's celebrate this month with small business. These will be completed in June alongside my regular commissions. Only 1 slot left! Ordering form below! Google Form
  13. Mespeth

    Hiring: Quick Reference sheet/s needed {nsfw commission}(03/13)

    Hi! I'm interested in working with you, I’m an experienced freelancer with more than 3 years of succesfully completed works on my back and satisfied customers! Altouh I’m not the most active on FA, which serves more of a gallery (which I have to update) I’m fairly active on twitter. You can...
  14. Mespeth

    Hiring: ($75+) Looking for an artist for an NSFW art piece. (Closed)

    Hi! I’m Mespeh, I’m a freelance illustrator with several years of experience behind my back and would be interested in working with you on this project. My pricerange would be 75 EUR (90USD) for a flat colored piece or 225 EUR (271 USD) for a painting, not taking into account backgrounds, which...