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    PC for Gaming

    I personally would go with an Intel processor. While more expensive, their clock speeds are usually more accurate and can handle more at once. I bought the 6th gen i3 on a budget and it hasn't disappointed me. Plus, you can always upgrade it in the future. Also, as other users have said, I...
  2. metallic_canine

    looking for furrys to talk about and a play games with

    I do Minecraft, RocketLeague, and (rarely) CSGO. PM me for my Minecraft server IP if interested. P.S. Minecraft server is Factions/Parkour/Skyblock, 1.10.2
  3. metallic_canine

    Android vs iOS

    Hmm, that's disappointing. I've never officially worked for Apple so I can't say much in that regard. That's too bad though, I'm all for ethical business practices.
  4. metallic_canine

    What hardware are you using?

    Hey FAF! I'm new to the 'Forums but I thought I'd start getting involved here in the Tech section! I'm a Computer Science student, so along with that beautiful stereotype you can tell I've used a number of computers in my time. My question is, what kind of computer do you use? Go ahead and brag...
  5. metallic_canine

    Android vs iOS

    I see a lot of iOS hate here, but I'm standing by my iPhone 6S. Very hard to hack, beautiful UI, a trustworthy App Store, good camera, and it's fast. Most of the items in that list can't be said about Android phones :P (now, granted, I respect Samsung too. The S-series phones are very nice.)
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    Name a word

    Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bash/Shell/Powershell (not sure if that really counts, but meh), Swift, and a very tiny amount of C#!
  7. metallic_canine

    How do you fix brain fog?

    Omega-3 always helps with me. But getting sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet are also important.
  8. metallic_canine

    40$ commissions FULLART! (up to 2 characters)

    Hey SafKeesh! I'm fairly new to the FA forums, but I am in the market for some art very similar to what you have here! Currently, I'd love a Full Art image, but I haven't fleshed out all of the details yet. Are you still open to commissions? If so, I'd love to get in touch and start developing...