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    Main Site Nuke Submissions kills pending ones as well

    Thought it might be doing this, so tested it out. You have the notification saying there's 10 submissions. Click and see the submissions, then open a new tab and refresh until the submissions count goes up. If you then hit nuke, it not only gets rid of the 10 you could see, but also the extra...
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    Main Site Sugestion: YCH Filter (please?)

    So what you're saying is that rather than having rules and curbs on things, you're perfectly fine with people spamming their shit every 5 minutes? That's exactly how you get the YCH hellhole you have now. People reposting over and over to advertise, blocking out anyone who dares to post...
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    Main Site Sugestion: YCH Filter (please?)

    Let's put it into perspective. The sheer amount of selling posts means that it's next to impossible for new or smaller artists to get visibility on their work. You've got instances where they work on something for days, upload it, and it's gone from the frontpage in seconds because Artist#3923...
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    Main Site Sugestion: YCH Filter (please?)

    So this has been "on the radar" for almost 3 months, and the problem is getting worse. Go on the site at the weekend, and it's 70% ych spam. Go to your submission notifications, and it's mostly ych spam. Come at the weekends, and it's even worse. People don't follow rules about not spamming and...