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  • Oh my gosh. Under your 'Navigator Mabel' it says Pirate!
    It's like, destiny or something.
    I love how instead of evolving to be faster, smarter, or stronger they just hung out in trees and ate leaves. And they are fine conservation-wise! The only time they get bothered really is when they descend to poop.

    Thanks. I love pouty Rainbow.
    It does stink. I think sloths are so cool, but I guess for most people they're creepy and boring. We'll have to put sloths on the map.
    Mabel is a nice name. ^^

    Why, we meet inside the 'Cabin of Association' of course!
    But not really. We mostly just talk through Steam. Do you have a Skype or Steam?
    The only other sloth I've seen is this (awesome) guy who I think I saw in your favorites. None on the forum beside us that I know of.
    I was surprisingly content with the end of SC. There are so many varied episodes and situations.

    Oh I guess you're in the crew already. You'll need a designation for yourself. Boatswain/bosun, and First Mate are taken.
    Oh... There was no real test, I was lying. And for wanting to take the test... you pass!
    Welcome to Hewge's crew.

    Pirates are always top priority!
    It actually just ended on Thursday with 50 episodes. Such a fitting end ;_;

    Sure, I'll let you know. And when I get a job I'll definitely hit you up for something. Are you thinking of joining our pirate crew? We're pretty tough.
    Rubber? Dinghies? We're not those kind of pirates, dear. ;V
    Buuuut... *Writes name on list* I think you could make it. Maybe. xP

    ...You should draw your sloth character all piratey. o.o That would be amazing.
    Is good name.

    You should, maybe... Join our crew. Possibly. If you want. And if you pass our test.
    OMG I love how sweet it is. It's so disarming that way because it looks like it's all fun and games and then boom heavy emotional stuff. Episode 44 *sniff*

    Can't wait for 'dat ref sheet!
    It's a good show. Especially for furries. So mellow and clever.

    No need to draw me anything unless the muses move you to. Thanks for the thought.
    Shirokuma Cafe is great. I think you'd like it. Sloth (from the show) inspired me to have a slothsona. I mostly torrented the episodes but there are a few anime sites like crunchy roll that have the eps for free. Let me know if you start to watch it.

    No artwork of my Java yet because I can't afford it. A very nice someone is working on a ref sheet right now though, free of charge. I'll be glad to wear my sloth on my sleeve :p
    You're avatar is the most adorable thing.

    Also, I know it's a little late, but welcome!
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