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  1. michi0michu

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Chibi YCH commission $10

    Hi! I have this YCH chibis comissions in $10 usd full color! Only paypal! ✨ Art by Me My fan page facebook.com/michii.michu My Instagram Instagram.com/michi0michu My Twitter: @mich_hdzL My Furaffinity: furaffinity.net/user/michi0michu/
  2. michi0michu

    (Commission) Selling: Reference Sheet comissions open! $60

    Finished comission for @InactiveError thanks for commissioning me! COMISSIONS OPEN!
  3. michi0michu

    Hiring: multiple Sona telegram sticker pack(s)~$5-$10 per sticker

    I have this YCH for $45 and finished examples Finished examples
  4. michi0michu

    Hiring: Reference sheet design for rabbit character ($100~$130)

    Hi! I’m do this for $60 full color and $50 flat color Full color Flat color