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    All of this hinges on "our current knowledge". I say, anything's possible, just give it time. One hundred years ago people said "Putting a man on the moon is pretty much out of the question". Just look at a pendrive. That's a little over twenty years of science - and six hundred times more...
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    Tell me about it. I've always been encouraged to wear as little as possible to build up my resistance. End result? I like colds and can take them well, but I end up sweating like a pig on hot days. My wife is on the other side of the spectrum - she was forced to wear as much as possible, so she...
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    Out of every thing in the world what do you hate the most

    Organized religion. That's the single most destructive and superstitious force in existence. If we didn't have organized religions like christianity, islam, judaism, hinduism etc. life would be so much simpler and so many more people would still be alive.
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    I was actually meaning to mention that: untested vaccinations are exempt from my point. Hell, the H1N1 vacc caused more problems than the original virus.
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    I think eating, breathing and pooping classify as extremely important aspects of the human condition. You can go without sex for years. Without one of the three I mentioned - you're dead in, at best, a month.
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    I have a very good immune system, but I always try to be up to date with my vaccinations. I hate needles, but between a few seconds of discomfort and a few years of boosted resistance to disease, the benefit is obvious. That said, I still find the medical ignorance here horrifying, especially...
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    System Shock 2

    It's the second to last level of Thief: Deadly Shadows. For maximum enjoyment, play alone, at night, with nary a light in your room. Makes a horrifying experience completely traumatizing. In System Shock 2, I found the Rickenbacker to be far less scary... prolly because I had the assault rifle...
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    System Shock 2

    System Shock 2 is hands down the best sci-fi horror experience in gaming history. I have yet to find any that'd come close to replicating the feeling of authentic dread I felt when slowly making my way through the Von Braun. Hell, anyone who was forced to hide in the cupboard when the alarm...
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    Unpopular fursonas

    Farm pigs and other farm animals need more love. I guess not many furries actually read Orwell's Animal Farm.
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    Exactly. The amount of medical ignorance in this thread scares me.
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    God and such

    Blame the forum software, it's retarded.
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    God and such

    When it comes to religion, I think Spider Jerusalem sums it up pretty well.
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    Mass Effect 2: Great Game, Or GREATEST Game?

    Ouyt of curiosity, exactly how old are you?
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    Protest at the DC Spelling Bee.

    And here I was, thinking that Orwell's newspeak was thankfully just fiction. Sure, spelling seems innocuous enough, but that's just the beginning. Twoplusungood I say.
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    I hate Command and Conquer 4. I hate it. I HATE IT!!!

    Except you always have a chance. Rape is subjective - get the proper counters and you can easily turn the tables.