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  1. MikeYoshi

    Prevent GIFs from being uploaded as Flash

    When someone uploads a GIF into the Flash category, the GIF doesn't play properly since it's loaded into a Flash container. To view the GIF properly, you need to download the image. It's a minor inconvenience, but there have been several times where I click on something and not realize it was...
  2. MikeYoshi

    Bug/Site Problem: Pages load very slowly or don't load at all

    I noticed some slowdown as well recently. Also, my browser (Chrome) seems to believe the page is loading indefinitely (the tab has the loading icon all the time). Also, it says at the bottom of the window, "Waiting for rum-collector.pingdom.net...". I'm unsure about what this is.
  3. MikeYoshi

    "Search" option to allow filtering by fetish type

    I understand that the "Browser" option lets us pick a specific fetish, eg Inflation or Vore. But the "Search" option lacks this. There are times when I want to find pictures of a specific character in these situations but I need to browse by species instead of just the character's name.
  4. MikeYoshi

    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    Submissions that are music or prose/poetry should be labeled as so. because thumbnails can be a little misleading sometimes
  5. MikeYoshi

    FA groups

    I agree. Groups should also be able to have wider avatars (200px wide x 100px tall, as opposed to 100px x 100px).
  6. MikeYoshi

    FA down?

    I also can't connect. In New Brunswick, Canada. Edit: Now I can connect, but it's very slow and a lot of images don't show up.
  7. MikeYoshi

    "File Read Only"

    I'm assuming things are getting switched over now, because I see people's avatars as the "Image not found" picture.
  8. MikeYoshi

    "File Read Only"

    Not if people know what they're doing. Using 1000x1000 PNGs as a blank canvas works wonders sometimes.
  9. MikeYoshi

    Underage members

    ^ This. If the parents aren't stopping the kids from doing it, then there isn't an easy way to tell who's underage and who isn't.
  10. MikeYoshi

    Furs By Species 2

    Dinosaur it is, then! Species is Yoshi (Dinosaur).
  11. MikeYoshi

    Furs By Species 2

    I wonder where Yoshi would fall under... Dinosaur or dragon? :P