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  • Still, that's a lot of people to be living in one home together. Your asking for frequent problems with that many people.
    In a way, everyone's an idiot... some just show it more than others. 6 people living together! No wonder they have problems. As with the stereo... good luck blasting it without inviting law enforcement. :V
    I take it they were either fighting, or are just naturally loud people. That happens all the time wherever you live. I once couldn't sleep because someone upstairs decided it was "loud-ass sex night"... all I heard was loud bed squeeks, the wobbly bed hitting the wall, and the spanking of skin... Best night ever. :V
    Thought so...
    It's almost 10:00 A.M. here, so at this point, I woke up not even an hour ago.
    It was just a mere concern about your sleep pattern is all. The times you log on and off are near the times you wake up and sleep for the most part.

    ... this isn't helping, is it?
    Enlighten me. I just woke up from a long sleep after all. And the one that lasted 8 days wasn't put to waste either. :V
    Ah. I have a friend in Brazil. He was trying to teach me a little Portuguese but I really didn't pick up much because I was helping him with his English most of the time.
    Heh, no problem. Yeah I find it strange that my voice doesn't fit my age, most of my classmates are still squeaky, annoying, immature brats that I can't stand. Kids nowadays eh?
    Fallow said he's off for a week, TA got tempbanned, Brazen and Zerig aren't even on that often anyway.
    Heh yeah. I've been here for almost a year and the amount of hilarious threads I've seen is just crazy.
    Omg, thanks. It's a couple weeks old but I think it still counts. Thinking of getting it cut. You should put a pic on that thread so we can all fawn over you too. XD
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