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    Hiring: ($150+) Looking to get two discord profile banners [Closed]

    Hello! I'm interested in taking this commission! My semirealistic/realistic commissions are open! :) SFW & NSFW (fetishes included). Any gender and species! I have a lot of examples on my gallery and more info on my profile. Examples: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/millle/ Complete...
  2. Millle

    ✫ High Quality Semirealistic/Realistic Commissions - starting at 22$! (22$-100$+) // SFW & NSFW (any genders, species, themes)! ♡

    Hello there! I'm Millle! (✿ ͡◕ ᴗ◕)つ━━✫・*。 This is my new perma thread! I'm a brazilian digital artist and freelancer. I've been selling commissions for more than 6 years now, for clients from all around the world. ♡ Here is my FurAffinity profile (where you can find my art): Userpage of...
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    Thank you so much! ^^

    Thank you so much! ^^
  4. Millle

    Hiring: ($100+) PER PAGE - NSFW Artist for comic, 3 characters (1 human 2 anthro), minimal pages & dialogue, B&W

    Hello! I'm Millle, a digital artist specialized in furry and human semirealistic/realistic art! I'm okay with most of NSFW themes and I'm interested in drawing/painting this small comic for you! I have comic examples that I make for a client that works with me for more than a year now, and...
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    No problem!! ❤ ^^

    No problem!! ❤ ^^