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  • Heheh, really? I'll probably switch back to him in the future... He just gets better and better the more I watch the anime. I like the other guy though, if only because that expression is a classic SirRob face.
    Corny? What exactly do you mean. For the record, like I said, I'm not really into Wolf x Fox, foe yay has never been of my interest. Glad you liked the second one, though.
    Because they're heartless teases. The beach outing wasn't hardly long enough... I mean I really like the character development too. Yeah.
    I just realized what your avatar is from! Kouya is the best character in that game.
    Where are you getting your information from? SmashWiki contradicts both your claim that it's not a hack and that it was worked on by some of Brawl's development team.
    Isn't Project M a hack where they alter the physics and characters to replicate Melee?
    You mean you want me to destroy my Wii to change a game I love into something worse?
    I've just been offline to avoid being petered with updates and the like, which take ages to download and install. Student halls have really horrible internet :/
    The vocals were pretty much perfect in Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo. But then they decided that they never wanted to make anything that good ever again.
    Are the vocals for the downlights as god awful as they were in chasing after shadows?
    Asleep in the Downlights is an EP. I haven't listened to it because Hammock is dead to me ever since they released Chasing After Shadows... Living with the Ghosts.
    One day you will know the real me. And on that day you will realise just how mad you are. For we are the same person.
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