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  • One day you will know the real me. And on that day you will realise just how mad you are. For we are the same person.
    Its p awesome isnt it? I too question why the southwest united states exists as well. You should move ;v
    I don't know...

    I'm pretty damn good at being a twink. I can oooh, and make a sassy joke when necessary. I d' awww like a little girl when i see kittens and--
    Yeah who am i kidding, i'm only bi. "Dork wang" outpaces the term gay itself by a freakin mile :I
    Upon reviewing me, yours, Darkwing, and Gibby's posts in general....

    The only conclusion I can find is that we are all unfailingly homosexual in behavior :U
    I'd be more than happy to fill you in on all of it. I don't bite :v

    AzurePhoenic for AIM

    htwaddle for Yahoo

    no rush
    I live in san francisco, and they don't let us donate plasma here because of all the people with AIDS and Hep C. I get by but I appreciate the help. You could always message me, I have nobody to talk to really, and being alone is the worst part of it.
    Yeah, I still go by Teto lol. I only use HB here. Also, albums pretty okay so far. Not quite as the first two tracks, but when are albums ever? I'm kind of in a meh mood today so this whole thing might just be totally lost on me idk. It's actually kind of annoying to listen to all of a sudden. I might just stop and try again another day.
    Whatever, grandpa. >:I

    Also, strange thing, I'm finding out that many people I assumed were younger than me are actually older, and several people I though were ancient actually aren't so old. :I
    Lol, yea. For some reason, I set FAF to hide my birthday stuffs.

    Hooray 20. I feel old. :V
    Holy christ your picture is a Sigur Ros album cover. I fucking love Sigur Ros.
    I like the style, I just don't like what implications Wolf's face seems to bring (in all honesty, if it was Falco on the right, I wouldn't have a problem).

    EDIT: I just found the picture from where that came. Haha, now that's a nice ending.
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