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  1. MiMaru

    Where do you work?

    Starbucks =3 Proud provider of enslavement to people of all races, ages, and creeds. They're actually pretty great to work for overall benefits-wise.
  2. MiMaru

    Poll: What do you use to draw your art?

    The tears of small children and a quill of a Bald Eagle. No really, just mech. pencil, lined paper and Photoshop CS2, just starting digital work though. =3
  3. MiMaru

    Dead space

    Revolutionizing a game is tough to do, but Dead Space has added an interesting twist on kills. Who doesn't like dismemberment?
  4. MiMaru

    Best rpg games ever! name your top 3!

    1. Tales of Symphonia 2. Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time 3. Final Fantasy X =3 Story lines were the most drawing of these games.
  5. MiMaru

    Oh My God, Its Another F***ing Furry

    Thanks for the warm welcome that didn't involve damp Fursuit hugs!
  6. MiMaru

    Oh My God, Its Another F***ing Furry

    Hi there, Maru here, yet another aspiring artist with decent skill, though beyond that just your average fun-loving, professionally Asian Furry. I'm hoping to join the Forums to get a feel for the Furry culture around FA and see if there's tons of Furs to chat around with.