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    Wolf Team

    Why do you think so...?
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    Wolf Team

    Adambomb, it is a PC game. Made by a different company... And Wrathofautumn, probably not. Softnyx generally makes online multiplayer games. Though it could make a decent single player. :D
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    Wolf Team

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    Hamachi and oC 1.1

    Could always forward the ports or to do it the quick and easy way. Enable DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), but after be sure to turn it back off to be safe. I always use oC through my d-link 524 router. www.portforward.com is a good site to learn how to forward ports on your specific router...
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    Wolf Team

    http://wolfteam.softnyx.net/ This game is currently in Pre-Open Beta. If you can I HIGHLY suggest you try this out. Its a first person shooter with a little twist. You have the ability to morph into an anthropomorphic wolf and back at will to complete your objective. There are currently 3...
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    I need things to do

    Here you got Havok http://www.furaffinity.net/view/678465/
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    I need things to do

    Thanks guys for giving me things to do. And to improve... FYI: I'll do you requests in the order that they were received :D
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    I need things to do

    Heres Harmon! I hope you like it. :oops: Harmon FYI to others, I'm willing to try anything. If I feel comfortable with it. Still improving. =[
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    I need things to do

    Ugh, I'm sorry Thundra. Thats just a little complicated for me. Though if you ever get that drawn I would love to see it!
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    I need things to do

    I need something to do, and lately I can't think of anything to draw. So I'll take some requests, nothing too complicated like TFs. And I'm trying to get better too soo... Give me things to do!
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    Taking requests

    Y HALLO THAR I would love a request of my character. Here is a reference pic: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/661816/
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    Artist taking on a few pictures

    Heres goes! Species: Raccoon General description: Lazy 'coon who is secretly a nerd on the inside but wears baggy clothing to look cool. Colors: Eyes: Brown Hair:Grey/black-ish type of clothing or general style: He likes to wear baggy pants and a sweatshirt mostly, or just...
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    B/W Inked Commissions!

    A money order is like a check. Like a gift card you could say. ;)
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    furry Starcraft?

    I still play Starcraft from time to time with my WoW friends. I can't wait for SC2, I plan on camping out for it. :D
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    Sorry for tiring you. Hehe :P Thanks all for the warm welcome, I am already loving it here! :o