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    How do you guys find new artists?

    I have found some browsing. But I found a lot artist by looking through other peoples favorites. And I found some through the forums by just checking out people that have galleries if I like the character in their avatar.
  2. MischievousPooka

    Artists of Fur Affinity: what motivates you, specifically?

    Aspects of feedback don't motivate or unmotivate me to make art. Feedback just makes me decide if I will post it on certain websites or not. I do like getting faves and comments. I don't always post to FA since I make anime art also besides furry art and FA always seems pretty dead to me on...
  3. MischievousPooka

    My life as a teenage furry

    I was somewhat social with my group of friends but I did draw a lot even when I was hanging out with friends back then. So an artsy teen. But I was not in any popular groups of people. But I was pretty clueless on fashion. And didn't wear what other teens did so I got made fun of for that...
  4. MischievousPooka

    How do you express your creativity?

    Sketching in my sketchbook, inking illustrations, or making digital colored drawings. Also making costumes for cosplay. And every so often DnD or other table top roleplaying. I like drawing things I make up or fanart of things I enjoy. There is always too many things I think of that I want...
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    Show me your female characters!

    Here are some of mine:
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    Would you go on a date with the Avatar above you?

    Maybe. A good chance though.
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    Show me some Christmas art or any other holiday that is this season

    Since this is a month of holidays lets post holiday art like Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Winter Solstice or any other holiday that happens in December. It will be nice to see some holiday spirt.
  8. MischievousPooka

    Clothing design for anthros/furries?

    Drop-Seat Pajamas uses buttons, Velcro, or snaps on the back butt area and people seem to sleep fine with those on. And I am used to dealing with buttons or zippers on the back area since a lot of women dresses have them going down the back and ending at the butt. So seeing buttons or velcro...
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    Favourite Animal?

    Cats Most birds that are in the birds of prey category Dragons
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    What (Non-Fur) Platforms Do You Like for Posting and Browsing?

    I use DeviantArt, Twitter, ArtStation, pixiv, and Instagram. ArtStation I use more for a portfolio for conventions since they have it has a decent website builder so you can have a nice portfolio website. Also you don't have to pay for making a website portfolio. You only have to pay if you...
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    Question from a non-fursuiter: What got you into it?

    I see it as how people want to have fun and some build confidence. I don't really have a fursona fursuit. I cosplay different characters and I have two that are a partcials. And I have one that is more like a kigurumi suit which is less hot and good for being outside more. The material is...
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    What do you look for in an artist?

    Having non-furry art in FA gallery might get a few people interested in commissioning you. I have posted some art that have humans in it and people find me at cons will sometimes ask me about drawing humans interacting with their fursona since they know I can draw both humans and furries well...
  13. MischievousPooka

    Cute thread