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  • Haha! Told you. But you can rebuild yours to something nasty for about $2500 if you use stock heads. And what kind of motor are you looking at. Summit pro stroker, splayed valve heads, blown. But I can't say too much, I just dropped $3400 into my fourwheelers motor. And it's only going to be 480cc. But it's my race bike so yea.
    It should say it on the block some were. Probably on the bottom by the oil pan, or on the drivers side rear top of the block just by the trans bell housing. I hope your going to standard haha. And glad it's not a convertible.
    Nice. Keep it original. Looks like OPG's phone line is going to be lit up haha. Now you have me wanting to see build pics. And you say your not goin to try to spend a lot on it, and keeping the motor price down, ha! I remember me and those words very good. I just put $2000 on a serpentine kit for my project trucks motor lol. Is your car an original 440 monster? As in numbers matching. Also, convertible or not? Auto or standard?

    It's still worth the rush though.
    Whuuuuut. Nice! So like a ground up factory restoration, or custom show car? Or something a little easier on the bank? Maybe a track car? I must know, I'm so curious haha. The 440 is a big motor.

    It would have also hurt too, a piston traveling at 9000 to 13000rpm coming through the cylinder wall and hitting my leg does not sound like a walk-it-off moment.

    And thank you by the way :)
    Haha, too funny.
    Surprised your interested haha. But it's just the motor out of my 2005 Yamaha YFZ450. It had the dreaded connecting rod to crank bearing failure. But I caught in just in time that it didn't do eny serious damage. It was my first 450 so I figured I'd get her back to running/new condition with some nice upgrades.
    That's got to be an awesome conversation starter haha. The only thing on my desk(if you want to call my work bench one) is an engine, in pieces awaiting to be sent off and rebuilt.
    Did he pull the ghost white face?
    Did you keep the tooth? You must have a good friend. I wouldn't have said enything, I'd let you walk around with it to see how long it would take for you to find it haha!
    Well yea they pack a punch haha. And I thought the angry tree snake was bad. That must have sucked. Actually, that had to be an awesome story the next day. So I'm guessing you were bored when this happened?
    I know that's what I said. Haha. That would fun.
    And yea, they have some serous teeth. None that I want to get around too much. Even more so when I go swimming and poof, far.
    And how would you know how a python bite would feel?
    Yea, salt water fish does taste better.
    But yes, some very nice looking bass. Big basses at that. If you like like big bass, it's the place to go ,':) . Couldn't help the bass-ass jokes haha.

    But the gar do put up a nice fight. A 2lb gar feels like a 8lb bass I do know that. Only because a 2lb gar is the biggest I have caught. And it was on accident at that. But the people I have talked to that have caught the 10lb plus gar say it's a wild ride. And once you do get them in, have fun takin that hook out.
    Oh, well now sounds like you are pretty serious with fishing. How far off shore? And it would be easier to get a flats boat if you go so much. And why no lakes. What did they ever do to you? Haha

    And I do fish. But I don't go out of my way. If that makes since. I used to go in salt water, manly the creeks. But now a days, actually for some years, I go to springs to fish. I know I'm spoiled. I don't ever keep the fish, but I do know of some places to catch monster bass. And gar. Actually just about every fresh water fish is good sized. But what I use for bait is what people realy don't believe. There are some nice gators, if that's what your into.
    Well hello there! Haha. I was bored and you seemed to be cool. So here I am.

    I see you like fishing. Nice. But what kind is what I want to know. So, what type of fishing? If it's ok if I ask.
    I released the second installment on friday. Still a pdf, still loads of errors both mechanical and otherwise, but it's always nice to have alpha readers. And I'm working on a short story! No more than two pages.
    Here it is! The First Installment of the Ballad of a World Eater! The second should be out in a week or so.
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