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  • IX is good =3 You should pick up the DS version of V... It's very well-done and polished. The sprites are animated, and it has the monster taming system (i.e. you can go most of the game with just your player character and 3 monsters of your choice, no human characters required)
    I've made about $70 total from it. OO is the greatest. I've never had any luck with PrizeRebel or iPoll or Swagbucks. :p
    You mentioned surveys in the "Things we hate" thread and not qualifying and holy shit, I can relate. So much. Which survey site do you use? I use OpinionOutpost and it has generally been pretty good. : D
    Hey Misomie, got a link to the place where um... It details how to stretch. Like alot of stretching?ThanksxD
    I didn't mention that you've got great looks.

    Allow me to mention so here; you've got great looks. <:


    remember when I said I hoped I wouldn't be up this late? :c

    Anyway, I'll be on in a few minutes. We have each other added, right?
    Yeah, I ...well, I just did last night too. At least break is after today @Z@
    Ah, I should be okay then. I'll try to finish soon, and I hope to god that I'm not up until 4. :c
    Urgh, I'm really sorry. Got a big annotated bibliography due tonight, any idea how long you'll still be around?
    Hey there, I'm really dumb and forgot I have a dinner meeting for this project I'm working on. I'll message you when I'm on, but it won't bee too late for you, with the time zones and all.
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