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    The Pokemon Thread

    Still super pumped for PMD. @Cyberra- I can help. Evolving to just 2 or Z?@Harbringer- I'll send you a PM next tme I catch you online for the Ray.
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    Is using Febreze on my fursuit a bad idea?

    No. Fabreeze will make the fur oily and disgusting after lots of use. Instead, opt for a watered down rubbing alcohol. Scrub your suit with it and even throw on baking soda to help with stench (unsure about use of vinegar). There are sprays designed for fursuits that are scented but your goal...
  3. Misomie

    things you just dont understand

    I don't get why shelters/rescues like to assign rare and random dog breeds to obvious mutts. "Why no, that is not a mutt but a Dfycxgh from the lost country of Wyhcfh. They are incredibly rare with only 1000 in existence but we have one right here."
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    There is a reason SoFurry and Inkbunny are made fun of around here, lol.
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    The Pokemon Thread

    How'd you know I spam my Galvantula's thunder?! D:<
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    Looking for cheap fursuit commission.

    Furbuy, Facebook, and eBay.
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    The Pokemon Thread

    Also no pokemon (except Nidoran) in those games evn had a sex nor was breeding a mechanic until Silver/Gold/Crystal.
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    I know there are a few UK makers but can't recall any. I almost shipped a large head to the UK and had it quoted at $37 so shipping might be pricey depending on head and tail size and if you are getting feetpaws or not. First, pick what style you want. There is a list of fursuit makers on this...
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    The Pokemon Thread

    What nature do you want?
  10. Misomie

    Commissions anyone?

    You're better off making one yourself with that budget. The cheapest I've done a head for was 100 and that was with the foam base, fur, fleece, and nose provided by the commissioner (they also shaved the head with my job only being to sew and install). Making one yourself should just be...
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    The Pokemon Thread

    I'll just have to end up asking stores to find which one. I know Japan gets it but pretty sure we do as well. Oh yeah, bought a DS from someone online for 150 and it came with Yellow, Blue, FireRed, Emerald, LeafGreen, Diamond, and Pearl. Really just bought it for the games cause those...
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    The Pokemon Thread

    Anyone know where to preorder Super Mystery Dungeon so I can get the theme? Google isn't helping me at all and just says it comes with a preorder. :/
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    Warnings for making DTD's (Duct Tape Dummies)

    Mhm. Long pieces are great for patterns but way too constricting for dtds. Think of it like a snake.
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    Warnings for making DTD's (Duct Tape Dummies)

    Also, use man small pieces of tape vs long pieces. It helps with keeping it from being too tight.
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    Date Rape/Questionable Consent in Adult Fiction

    I'd like to know if the there was going to be a rape in literature or a movie. I watched a movie and it threw in a rape scene and totlly screwed with my head. This movie had other adult content in it but that just.... :/ I avoid things that I know do have rape in them because I just don't like...