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Samy | she/ her | GER/ EN

Let's see what I wanna tell about me~

My freetime is much about gaming, (binge) watching tv shows (I'm currently really much into True Crime. I absolutely love that! - and BTR!) and movies, drawing, reading (I adore good books as same as I appreciate good movies or pretty gaming experience) or just going out for a walk or doing sth outside.

I guess that will be everything for now.

I'm currently looking for an art buddie to draw together and talk about our characters and such. 'cause I really miss that.
And yeah~ I really love my characters and do my best to improve my art.

Some art examples are on my FA profile but you can find most of them on my toyhouse (link in my signature).

I'm always open for a nice talk ^-^​
October 23
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