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    To the Staff: Thank You.

    Thank you... but I don't think the site is fully fixed, either that or its overloaded.
  2. MistressVixen

    Continued: "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    If the site isn't up, I'm gonna sit back and laugh at everyone ripping themselves apart because they lack porn.
  3. MistressVixen

    Continued: "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    I give it 5 minutes before the flaming starts.
  4. MistressVixen

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    I'm not pretending to be the smartest person here, but you certainly are NOT one of them. Tearing people down and saying "oh, I don't like arguing with someone who's less intelligent than myself," only proves that you have nothing better to say or further more, can't think of a better insult.
  5. MistressVixen

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    Have you seriously ever tried coding, scripting, and such for 48 hours straight? Think about it for a moment- staring at a white screen on a monitor... READING for fourty. EIGHT. hours. STRAIGHT. Yes, you can bitch about your donations missing. However, unless you're a complete insomniac and...
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    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    ... You're not from Earth, are you? :P Reguardless- just shut up and be happy its being worked on at all, seriously. They could be even more pricks to you lot and just say 'FIX IT YOURSELF.' It's not a good idea to call the owners of a site (THAT MOST OF YOU don't even PAY to be on!)...
  7. MistressVixen

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    AHAHAHHA... wow... you guys have really sat around, jerking yourselves off to 35 pages of baawwing? Guys... Seriously. It'll be up. Yes, it wasn't cool to say "THIS IS THE DEADLINE!" then nothing, but the more you piss and moan like children, the more it ISN'T going to get done... If I was...
  8. MistressVixen

    I just had a baaaad thought....

    Why don't we just stop bitching about if/when/why/what/how it will happen and just WAIT and see if it does? It blows up. Oops, more upload time for other sites. It doesn't, whee, upload time for FA.
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    Become a Fox Furry... Seriously... Do it...

    Dispite my "name" is MistressVixen... I prefer rats, myself. Been a fox, found out theres TO MANY OF THEM.
  10. MistressVixen

    We need something OTHER than foxes

    I'm serious. There's WAY to many canines. *has one as her main alt herself* That... and I'm building avatars on SecondLife and need SOME FURS THAT NO ONE ELSE DOES! I'm sick of cats, dogs, foxes, tigers, skunks, etc. etc. I've seen a Thylacine, which is rare. That one has been covered...
  11. MistressVixen

    What made you go Furry?

    I think everyone was furry at one point or another. The moment you started watching Disney or Loony Toons. Anti-Furs seem to have this opinion that every fur is a gay whore. I'm a woman. I'm married, I'm 20 years old. I have a female fox character that can light things on fire. My TRUE...
  12. MistressVixen

    question reguarding clubs

    The only downside to clubs at Y!Gallery is the fact that say you have a peice you want to show in another club, you have to choose only 1 of the clubs you're appart of to do so. I think its rather unfair, but anyway. The greatest thing about how Y!Gallery set it up, you just submit art, then...
  13. MistressVixen

    question reguarding clubs

    I hope this hasn't been asked yet, but I was wondering if you have policies for/against clubs. I know FA is mostly furries, but the people that run the site is so nice, they'll let you post pretty much anything. So, how about it? Clubs are a yes or no-go?
  14. MistressVixen

    Any good furry games?

    What about Bloody Roar?!