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    The guy who gets brick'd. A lot.

    Well, can't say I've ever heard of you, but welcome anyhow. Hope you have fun.
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    The new guy needs help again (It's not an error)

    Whatever you choose, it should be something deep, meaningful, and above all, honest. Like mine, for example. =)
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    Artists MIA

    Ollie is still around, but right now FA is really his only actual gallery that is getting updated. He's very busy, and his art takes a good deal of time. He posts when he wants, but otherwise is a bit of a recluse.
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    So my friend and coworker is an SA goon...

    SA is a great place filled with thousands and thousands of people with different interests and hobbies from all across the world. Lots of fun to be had, as long as you actually have a sense of humor. At SA, they don't hate furries, they poke fun at stupid. As we well know, Furry is rather...
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    Global warming debacle

    I recommend people research the Little Ice Age, and find out how frequently the world goes through heating and cooling cycles. Vehicles now have lower emissions and higher economy than ever, and every powerplant or factory in the US is held to strict anti-pollution guidelines. Recycling is any...
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    Ever wanted to do Concept Art before?

    I think what may be a boon to your search are a few more details. First, while concept art is all well and good, unless you have programmers and coders who can turn some wild stuff into three-dimensional, interactive characters and locations which play innovatively and cleanly, concept art is...
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    Post your Chuck Norris Facts...

    Chuck Norris can light a match on his beard. Vin Diesel can light a match on his bald head. But only Mr. T can light Chuck Norris's beard on Vin Diesel's bald head.
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    ThankYou Shouts

    When someone watches me, I take it as a compliment that they enjoy my artwork. So, I take the time to thank them, often trying to leave a bit more personal message than "thanx 4 the +watch." If someone doesn't like receiving thanks, well, that's their perogative, but not terribly respectful...
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    Need Help finding a comic series on here

    Think it's called "Love Can be Different" by Miles-DF. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/miles-df/ And, I think they might be minks, not sure.
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    Crossposting - Califur '08 Conbook Story Contest

    I'll see what I can do, both story and art-wise.
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    Off-topic but still worth a read.

    You're trying to beat us over the head with something we KNOW isn't true and you're getting mad when we laugh at your hare-brained ideas! That's what's wrong with us! We make sense! Let me say that again for posterity, we, the furries, make sense in this argument.
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    Off-topic but still worth a read.

    Oh this note from Esplender, I will shut up. Because, it seems to be annoying a user, and I don't really want to do that.
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    Off-topic but still worth a read.

    Wow, you got arrested for most likely disturbing the peace. Yes, because the government fears your "truth" more than they just don't want people being annoyed. Listen, I appreciate your concern, and to you it might seem valid. But, really, come on, is furry the place to be doing this? We...
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    Off-topic but still worth a read.

    =Read a few books, learn about the economy, take some history lessons. I swear to you that it isn't. Pretty little videos are fine, but remember, just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true. Besides, the guys at SomethingAwful can present this same crackpot theory better than...
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    Off-topic but still worth a read.

    And George Bush caused Hurricane Katrina by standing out in the gulf and blowing with his lungs. I'm so glad you came to us first with your crackpot conspiracy theories. Though, one odd thing; you talk about control over money, and then say you're alerting the furry comunity. Do your homework...