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  • I 've never saw a ground squirrel, I just googled it ^-^
    You sound like you live in a great area for nature, I live in a farm area there's not much round here, I only see roadkill lately :(
    Awesome! Take photos!My garden is sealed off completely so the dog never gets out, so we have no animals come in anymore. When I was younger we had foxes and cats, but nothing now.. quite boring :(
    Haha ah well it was worth a shot!
    RPG maker was awesome, when I was 13 I made a game, actually based around furries in a way. Innocently I had no idea I was making a furry game. :')
    Last time someone clapped you hid :p
    It made me spit my drink out at the time.
    I did! How are you Mochi Fox? ( I am aware of the Spanish word for fox ;) )
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