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  • hi - was just looking for any mod but ur all i can find - sorry if im bothering u - can i post art raffles/giveaways in the "free art/request/art trade" threads or where can i post it? please respond asap
    Hi there- I am having trouble posting in a SFW PM conversation. The error message told me to contact an admin. Might you be able to help?
    i saw your post about mentioning. but what i wanna know is how i get the icon with the mention.
    Hello :) I've posted a day ago a thread in the Art and Sales auction thread and it has not yet been approved. It also stated that I have to wait 24 hours before it could be approved. If it would be alright to know the status of the thread if it will be approved or not. Thanks!
    I have a thread awaiting moderator approval, if you can find the time I'd love to be PMed so I can send you the title & direct link of the thread in Art Sales & Auctions. Thank you for reading!
    Y'know, for as much shit as I give the mods and such here, it really, truly is nice to see your face- er.. avatar? -around. You do that perfect thing where you interact with people in a fun way and I genuinely enjoy that. So, thanks. ^^
    honestly im glad to hear that!! when i first got on to this job I commissioned an artist to give me a proper character so peeps didnt see me as a robot.. because i genuinely care about being helpful and kind and it makes me smile to be able to interact as a real person, even if it is with an anonymous account...! Long story short, thanks!! ^^!!
    Hey, no problem~
    Hope to see you around just a tad bit more?
    Any reason I keep losing my ability to reply to topics?
    I could understand I was off-topic earlier and assumed that was the reason for my first time out, but now it's happened again and my last comment was completely on topic!
    I can't find an option to PM, so I've had to leave this here.
    I am currently experiencing a bug that has goten rid of my reply box, is there enything you can do to help?
    Good Evening.
    I just sent in a very urgent request through the contact tab at the bottom of the page. But in my history of using this site, I have very low expectations for the head staff and fully expect to be ignored mainly by Dragoneer, Chase, and especially Yak. I noticed you're new it seems. So perhaps you can help me. May I message you privately about the situation? I would really appreciate your help.
    Hey Gazelle, can I throw a conversation in your direction? (tl;dr PM you?) I've a question that doesn't fit topically into any thread on the forum...
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