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    Commissions! As low as $12 for sketch work!

    Hello! My name is Modified Rabbit and I offer a wide range of commission art including but not limited to sketch work, line art, gray shaded work, full color and physical paintings! Userpage of ModifiedRabbit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (Check out my FA for many more sample pieces and deals! I am...
  2. ModifiedRabbit

    Christmas YCHs - Some Starting at only $15!

    My FA is here if youd like to check out any of these YCHs! I also have plenty of deals and non holiday themed ychs. NSFW and SFW. Get em while they last! Userpage of ModifiedRabbit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Below are some of the YCHs I have listed for Christmas!
  3. ModifiedRabbit

    Cheap Headshot Deals!

    Still running this deal AND a bust deal now as well! Bust Greyshade: 15$ Bust Color: 25$
  4. ModifiedRabbit

    Cheap Headshot Deals!

    Will likely only be doing this for around a week or so! Whenever I get bored of doing them all this cheap! =P
  5. ModifiedRabbit

    Cheap Headshot Deals!

    Well, since images seem to be spotty for me on this site, no matter how i go about it, ill just have to provide a link to the post on FA as well, just in case. Its very nice quality work for a nice price too! 10$ USD greyshade or 20$ USD digital color headshots! Message me here or FA if...
  6. ModifiedRabbit

    Who's that Pokemon?

    Id be up for doing this for 45$ full color traditional or 60$ digital color. Samples and my FA below. FA: Userpage of modifiedrabbit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Traditional Samples www.furaffinity.net: Patriotic Finished Pinup YCH by ModifiedRabbit Digital Color Samples www.furaffinity.net...
  7. ModifiedRabbit

    Looking For An Artist For Character Design (Closed)

    A basic ref sheet of front and back would start at 75$ USD for traditional and then go up from there based on extras youd want in it, or if youd want digital coloring. Samples below, as well as my FA for more. (Cant seem to get image files to load properly so ill provide appropriate links.) FA...
  8. ModifiedRabbit

    Printing Place Recommendations

    So, I am trying to get some prints made with a gold foil part on it, and i am having a hard time finding a good printer online and off. I tried Catprint and they were horrible with their print but also their customer service. So im wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Im hoping to get...
  9. ModifiedRabbit

    Doing Chinese and Astralogical Zodiac Adopts-Cant decide which to start with

    Title kind of explains it all, but its kind of long so yeah. lol Im wanting to work on not only chinese zodiac themed adopts, but the astrological ones as well, but i cant seem to decide which one I want to start with first. I figured i could work on two at a time. One from each type of...
  10. ModifiedRabbit

    Looking to Commission Reference Sheet

    Sadly i cant really help you for the $50 budget, unless you just want sketch work, BUT if you are ever in the market for something a little higher on the budget, i offer single pieces that range anywhere from $45USD for traditionally colored work, and $65USD for digitally colored work, to...
  11. ModifiedRabbit

    LF ref sheet for new 'sona (up to $125-$150)

    Sounds cute. For a front and back reference sheet, with clothing and accessories, youll be looking at a price around $120USD for something full color (Traditionally) and around $140USD digital color. Prices may be a tad less or more if its super detailed. My samples can be found below, but if...
  12. ModifiedRabbit

    High Budget Project. Help Me Create A Species.

    Im fairly interested in either part. Ive created a few of my own charts and such for my species. A couple I have posted up on FA. Im also capable of drawing all types of animals. Ill try and post examples of a few different types below. Mine are done traditionally and then digitally edited into...
  13. ModifiedRabbit

    Halloween Deals!